About Us

Welcome to French Parquet Ltd.

We are the solid oak, new or reclaimed oak, real hardwood essences hand made parquet floors manufacturer and installer in any country within European Union.

Our traditional french flooring follows the original method of manufacture where the elements are joined with tongue and groove and wood pegs without the use of adhesives, exactly the same as it was manufactured for the first time in France at the beginning of the seventeenth century — making your floor strong, long lasting, unique and beaming with character.

Depending on the pattern of your choice and timber age, our parquet panels expert craftsmen spend between 10 and sometimes even 40 hours manufacturing a one square metre panel to meet client specifications.

The attention to detail it is just one of many advantages you will receive by using our products.

All our parquet panels are hand made and carefully, individually packed prior to delivery.

Please get in touch now for a brochure and to take advantage of our 5% off your floor when ordering 200 square meters or more, any pattern of your choice.

Latest Projects

Is your property in one of European Union countries? Please get in touch with us to find out how we can help. We have completed various projects in countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain. We will make no compromise in assuring your floor will be manufactured and installed in such a way that it will last for decades. Character and style will be achieved by working with us.

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We are known for manufacturing top quality solid oak and walnut floors out of reclaimed timber and we do sell reclaimed oak and other wood essences floors.

We will also refurbish your existing floor to the highest standard and to client/architect specifications.

Should you require to see a sample of a specific product or a range of products please get in touch with us and we will provide the highest customer service.