About Us

Quality, perfection, elegance.

Passion for excellence.

We first started in 1960 with timber trade of new timber and reclaimed timber. In 1965 we started installation and restoration of hard wood floors such as oak and walnut.

Our main field of activity at present is manufacturing of solid wooden floors, hard essences, especially traditional oak French parquet patterns "Parquets a la Francaise" as: Versailles, Chantilly, Petit Marly and Cheanonceau made from massive oak or walnut and hardwood floors installation.

Our workshop is set in the middle of Carpathian Mountains this giving us access to the best available European oak. We are creating beautiful and unique floors within the tranquility that Carpathian Mountains offer. 

When buying form us you buy the beautiful timber but also you receive the vast expertise our team has accumulated over decades and generations, you receive the amazing work that our crafts men kindly put into manufacturing every single pice of that parquet panel and we are very proud of all our team members for doing just that.

Our floors are not produced by machines but by people. People give character to everything and can produce amazing works of art when appreciated = quality, perfection, elegance.

All our parquet panels are hand made and our expert craftsmen are bringing out maximum of character in each parquet panel. The manufacturing process follows the traditional french method and all components of a parquet panel are jointed with dowels.

Our oak and walnut parquet panels can be installed directly onto the floor joists keeping room hight to maximum.

Hard wood essences such as oak and walnut have been used in creating beautiful parquet panels since 1965 within our Company. Manufacturing solid oak/walnut parquet panels it is a job that only the best crafts men can achieve to a very high standard. We believe it is a form of art. We can manufacture your own design and we can assist you in making decisions for what type of hard wood to be used in creating the perfect floor for your home or business premises.

Solid hardwood flooring has little or no maintenance costs. It is extremely durable and installed correctly will last for centuries, becoming even more valuable with time.

For anything related to parquet flooring please get in touch with us using the form under Contact us page or call us now.