Repair Hardwood Flooring

A friend of ours had his living room floor damaged by a leak in the underfloor heating system. The parquet floor started initially to raise off the screed and forming large areas of dark even black stains. His floor was a herringbone pattern 120 years old floor and he was really sad about what had happened.

If you experience a similar problem here is what you need to do:

  • Identify what has caused damage to the floor — is it ingress of water from an underside of an external door, is it the underfloor heating system? Once the problem has beed identified remove the damaged floor area and carry out repairs to where the ingress of water was coming from and leave the floor to dry for two or three weeks. Do not throw away the parquet blocks just because they are stained.
  • Once the ingress of water issue has been dealt with and screed has been made good you can re-fit the parquet blocks using a parquet adhesive in accordance with the type of subfloor you have.
  • Next step is sanding and filling depending on the style of your floor. With sanding you will notice that the dark stained parquet blocks will become the same colour as the  rest
  • Oiling/varnishing will be the final step
  • Repairing a hardwood floor should be carried out by professional floor restorers for best results.

French Parquet team can repair your hardwood floor and restore it to its former glory by matching the timber of damaged area with existing timber, filling or replacing the damaged area. 

Please send us an email now with your questions and we will be happy to answer.